We're an experienced team of executives, analysts, and engineers. We integrate tightly into your org, providing access to top-tier data talent on a fractional basis.

You are a high-growth, venture-funded startup. You need analytics to drive customer acquisition, product development, and financial planning, and you're willing to listen to the data when they tell you you're wrong.

We've been in your seat. We've raised money, reported to boards, and signed off on millions of dollars of marketing spend. We're not here to build pretty charts, we're here to solve real problems.

Analytics is a trade.

Analytics requires a devotion to detail, a commitment to live on the edge of current technology, and years of experience. Being an excellent analyst requires a deep understanding of the problem domain combined with the data skills needed to explore it.

We're not rockstars, ninjas, or unicorns—we're steamfitters, welders, and stonemasons. We love this work and take pride in it. After spending tens of thousands of hours working with data, we dream in and define ourselves by it.

We started Fishtown Analytics so that we could spend our time doing what we love.

Part of the art of running a startup is knowing just how much is enough. We want to deliver exactly what you need and nothing you don't. Here are some of the ways we can help.

Data Warehousing

We'll inventory your data and ETL it into a high-performance warehouse.

Data Modeling

We’ve built our own tools to cleanse, model, and test your data natively in your warehouse.

Event Tracking

We’ll implement web and mobile analytics that actually get answers.

KPI Reporting

Stop reporting on KPIs in spreadsheets. We'll build the dashboards you need.

Advanced Analytics

Attribution modeling, predictive customer lifetime value, lead scoring, and more.


We’ll build the rollups and the interface so that you can play with your data on your own.

Contact Us

We'd love to set up some time to talk shop. Analytics is moving so quickly that we all rely on the community to stay current. We're happy to help however we can.